Our Trip to Costa Rica

On our trip to Costa Rica, we met many extraordinary people and saw many extraordinary places. If you want a summary of what we did just scroll down and check out what you missed!

Buisness Kids Costa Rica

Before Tech 101 Kids left for Costa Rica we came into contact with the owner of Business Kids Costa Rica and he invited us to present at his business location. So on Wednesday, July 26th, Tech 101 Kids made a visit to Business Kids Costa Rica. Here is where they teach the kids many different things related to business, economics, the job market,¬†stocks and how to be an entrepreneur by starting your own business. They have two different meetings each week. One for the kids and one for the teenagers. The one we went to was the kid’s meet up on a Wednesday. The other meet up consisting of teenagers takes place every Saturday. We decided to make a visit and explain¬†what Tech 101 Kids is and how we started. We then asked the kids….

Rubik’s Cube Competition in Costa Rica!

During our trip to Costa Rica, we made a visit to a Rubik’s Cube competition that the local library was holding. Not only was it very big but it also was very intricate. They had many different sections….


Omar Dengo Foundation in Costa Rica

During our trip in Costa Rica, Tech 101 Kids paid a visit to the renowned Omar Dengo Foundation. The Omar Dengo Foundation is an amazing organization stationed in many countries in Latin and South America. They offer many different classes and courses covering many different fields and subjects such as…



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