Our Top 5 Recommended Free VR Apps.

There are many VR apps and here is our top 5 recommended list.


Google Cardboard

Although it is the default app, Google Cardboard will help you understand the basics of VR and some gives you a glimpse into the mass amount of things you can do in VR

Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera is the DIY app if you want to take 360° pictures. It will take some getting used to since you will need to have a clear environment if you want the best picture possible. It’s procedure to take a picture is very simple and is explained in the app itself. Let’s say you’re going to Niagara Falls for vacation and don’t want to forget the amazing scenery. This app is perfect for that as it can capture 360° pictures capturing everything so you can view it later.


Maybe you’re a teacher and looking for something educational that you can combine with VR to interest and capture the attention of your students? Then Expeditions is for you. As the name promotes itself this app comes with over 200 expeditions that you can go through with your kids. You can set yourself up as the guide and connect to your students’ devices through wifi. Alternatively, if you have already downloaded the expeditions onto your phone, there is no need for wifi. When you set yourself up as the guide you can guide your students through a world of diversity, from Coral Reefs to the No Man’s Land of World War I this app is great for teachers and kids alike.

Fulldive VR

Everyone is a bit lazy from time to time and maybe you’re in the mood for a nice VR video or maybe you want to look at the 7 Wonders of the World in VR. Then Fulldive VR should be your go-to app. Fulldive VR compiles everything from VR videos to VR pictures and even over 500 VR games. If you find a video you like, you can favorite and share it with your friends so that you won’t have to search through youtube to find the same video. Fulldive VR even comes with a built-in camera so that you can make your own VR pictures. Fulldive VR is no doubt the all in one VR app.

Titans of Space

Fun Fact, Space is so unbelievably enormous that our minds can’t comprehend exactly how big it is. Well at least we know a lot about our solar system and you can too with the Titans of Space app. Titans of Space brings you around the solar system to learn many different facts about each different planet. You can compare the sizes of each planet along with pages and pages of interesting information. It comes with a dynamic soundtrack to match your experience and further your immersion into this vast universe. This is great for people who are big into astronomy or maybe just want to learn more about the solar system we live in.

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