Super Science Saturday 2017

On March 4, Tech 101 Kids packed our bags and headed off to the 29th Annual Super Science Saturday. Super Science Saturday is an annual event held in Ridgewood that promotes STEM activities and where you can go to present what you’ve been working on to crowds of people. The welcoming staff immediately welcomed us and showed us where we could setup. We had a lovely area visible from the entrance that was in the hallway that led to the cafeteria, so we were able to capture the attention of people going to and from the cafeteria. The Goldilocks spot is what we like to call it.

After we finished unpacking we had all the fan favorites laid out. We had Bryan in charge of the Makey Makey piano and along with the old classic, the Makey Makey Flabby Physics game. Joseph was showing off all his inventions and also everything from the Rubik’s cubes to the Meccanoid. I was in charge of the Mindstorms which included the classic MindCub3r along with a new one that we had built beforehand, KRAZ3. Along with all these, we also had a newcomer to join our ranks, the HoloTats. The HoloTats are tattoos of anything from a shark to a butterfly that looks like a traditional tattoo until you look at them through the HoloTats app on your phone. Suddenly that shark on your arm becomes alive and can move around freely. The HoloTats made for an amazing addition and with it, we were able to show everyone the breathtaking future of augmented reality.

We had a lot of fun at the high school presenting and showing everyone what you can make with something as simple as parts of an old playstation remote. At times we had amassed crowds so large that it was almost impossible to move. Our favorite part about going to events like this is no doubt being able to share our inventions with other people and meeting other individuals who share the same passions. We Tech101Kids enjoyed the experience immensely being able to attend such an event.

If you want to attend the 30th Annual Super Science Saturday maker sure to contact them at this link here. Maybe you want to go but don’t know what you want to make or present? Be sure to check out this link which has tons of different ideas on what to do for students, teachers, and parents! If you want to go volunteer and help out with everyone, then be sure to go to this link. And finally, if you just want to go check it out but don’t know how to get there? This link will bring you to directions on how to bring you there.

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