Newark Mini Maker Faire 2017

On May 6th, Saturday morning, Tech 101 Kids attended the annual Newark Mini Maker Faire, wowing kids and adults with our spontaneous creations. This year was another great faire, where we displayed the classic innovations that everyone loves, the unforgettable Makey Makey, the impressive Mindstorms, the brain-teasing Rubik’s cubes, Joseph’s gizmos of fun, and the child-friendly SNM (Spinning Notecard Machine).

Along with the classics, we also brought a bundle of new creations with us. Like the HoloTats, an augmented reality tattoo that once put on becomes your own pet wherever you go! If you want to find out more about these tattoos make sure to check out their website and if you want to buy some check out our shop. Augmented reality business cards that you can check out more over here on a blog Brandon posted. With these, we also brought a chess set made out of entirely nuts screws and bolts! We had spent a few days making the set after getting the parts. You can check out our progress on the chess set by checking out our Instagram page. We were very excited to present these new attractions and see how kids responded to them. Luckily they were very welcomed! They were great attractions and brought spice to our station.

Unforgettable Makey Makeys
Spinning Notecard Machine
Augmented Reality Business Card
The MindCub3r

There were tons of other great attractions located all around the museum as well as outside of the museum.


Main Hall

Outside Exhibitors
Power Tool Drag Racing

It was a great experience and we can’t wait to be reinvited back next year!

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