Makers Faire New York





This is a giant, fire shooting, man controlled robot, but this wasn’t the only awesome project that there was. Today I went to the Makers Faire, in New York, and let me tell you this, it was huge! There were so many fun things to see and to try. I really loved the originality of some of the booths. There were dancing robots, music Tesla Coils, there were robots that would play catch with you, and so much more. Another reason why I loved to be there, was because I learned so many new and cool projects and ideas that will be really fun to try out. I had a great, fun time, experiencing and learning a lot at the Makers Faire. -Bryan Pinos



This photo is me and Bryan standing next to our long lost twins that we found at the Makers Faire. What a coincidence!    Today me and my family took a one hour drive to NY to go to the Makers Faire. Once we got there we were instantly greeted with free drinks and exhibits everywhere. They had everything from robots to circuits to caged drone fights. This picture was taken at the Microsoft tent.   The picture is taken on a smartphone and projected onto the screen made out of led strips. Something I learned to keep in mind is that to watch where you step at Makers Faire because you can accidentally step on a robot. I learned a lot and had a great and cant wait to go again. -Brandon Pinos



This photo is one of my favorite exhibits in the Makers Faire. This is a robot called CHIP that uses the arduino UNO. Chip has some stuff that needs to put in place so you can get its eyes to light up. Some of the items I used for Chip were LED’s, pin wires, a knob, the arduino, and the bread-board. It didn’t take to long to make it, it was quite easy. We even bought our own Chip to do it at home it was fun making it at the Makers  Faire and at my house.  I really enjoyed the Makers Faire-Joseph Pinos

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