Hawthorne Day

On Saturday September 26 we packed up our stuff and went to Hawthorne Day . We had been working on new projects from was far back as July for this day. Some of our new projects included the bow and some new robots. We had arrived at around 12 pm hoping to set up before many people came. We found our table which was positioned next to the Rotary’s Club’s table. In no time at all we had the Makey Makey piano, the Makey Makey Bow, the Rubik cubes, and the robots are all set and ready to go. At around 1 pm was when traffic really started to pick up. We saw people come and go and the majority of them seemed very interested in our projects.  At around 3 pm was when we reached our peak of traffic because a lot of people who came to visit before came back with some of their fiends. We had decided to pack up at 4 pm because the concert right next to us had just started and we knew that we would get very few people during that. I had a blast and im sure my brothers did too. I can’t wait to go back next year034029032

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