Drone Day

On May 20th, Tech 101 Kids went to participate in the 2nd annual Drone day event sponsored by IDream Engineering. Students and teachers from the IDream Engineering program set up four stations in the school gym to teach everyone the basic principles of creating and flying a drone. One station for building, another for programming, and the last two stations for flying the drone.

In the first station, the students in charge were guiding participants on how to build your drone.

In the second station, participants were taught how to program the drone using block code similar to the programming method also used by Scratch.

Finally, it was time to test your robot in flight, the third station was a search and rescue mission, where you had to fly the drone through a maze to get to multiple checkpoints and back.

Then once you mastered flying the robot, you were able to move onto the fourth station, the obstacle course, where you had to pilot your drone through a series of obstacles. Once you’ve completed all of the stations; building, programming, and flying the drone, you would receive a prize, a fidget spinner, for all of your hard work. The student teachers there were very knowledgeable about drones and were excellent teachers since they could easily explain the science of the drone to the participants of the event.

We had a great time and learned a lot! ¬†Thanks IDream Engineering for the invitation, looking forward next year’s Drone Day!

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