239 STEM Resources for Kids

Iultimate-stem-guide-for-kids-239-cool-sites thought my search for the best STEM resources to include in Tech 101 Kids would be hard. But the first article I came across contains a whopping 239 STEM websites for kids. Wow.

From Master’s In Data Science comes “The Ultimate STEM Guide: 239 Cool Sites About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.” In it, they break down STEM resources by grade level and interest, including a section of resources specifically for girls.

Some of these websites I have used myself and highly recommend, like Scratch and Codecademy. Others I have not heard of but will definitely look at. I will be going through this list in the upcoming weeks and showing you which resources are the most helpful, but if you are really excited, you can check out the full list now at Mastersindatascience.org.