Business Kids Costa Rica

Before Tech 101 Kids left for Costa Rica we came into contact with the owner of Business Kids Costa Rica and he invited us to present at his business location. So on Wednesday, July 26th, Tech 101 Kids made a visit to Business Kids Costa Rica. Here is where they teach the kids many different things related to business, economics, the job market, stocks and how to be an entrepreneur by starting your own business. They have two different meetings each week. One for the kids and one for the teenagers. The one we went to was the kid’s meet up on a Wednesday. The other meet up consisting of teenagers takes place every Saturday. We decided to make a visit and explain what Tech 101 Kids is and how we started. We then asked the kids what they think and if they have their own businesses. To our surprise, almost all the kids have their own business. The kids told us of their own businesses which consisted of things like selling homemade cookies and school and selling origami door to door and other items. We thought it was great that the kids were being taught very important life lessons early on. This will help them get a lead in life in experience and help them with their later businesses. The kids are fascinated with virtual reality and so in preparation we brought the HoloTats with us and let the kids try them on. Seeing the augmented reality part only peaked their curiosity and ambition even more. If you would like to buy some HoloTats click the link here! After our presentation, we were invited to play a modified version of the popular game “Who Am I?” Only this time with Jobs and Businesses. Each person was given a card to put on their forehead. You were not allowed to look at your card at all but you can look at other people’s cards. Then when it was your turn you would have to ask a question which you think is related to your job such as, “Is my job related to clothes?” The people around you would then look at your card to see if you were correct or not. If you were then you know that your job has something to do with clothes. If not then you know that your job has nothing to do with clothes. The game would continue going until everyone guessed their correct job. I found this as a great way to expose and introduce different job opportunities and job options to the kids.

These are some the pictures taken of the kids and their HoloTats

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