How to do a Lego Animation (With PicPac)

Hey guys its Joseph here, and today I’m going to be teaching you how to do a Lego Animations like the ones on our YouTube channel. For those unaware, I am the one that creates those videos. For the best readability and comprehension, I will be explaining how to do this is a step-by-step format.

Items Required/Recommended

  • Camera/Phone 
  • Legos
  • Phone holder
  • PicPac
  • Lego Platform
  • Lego Minifigures
  • A Brightly Lit Area

Step 1

The app that I use to create my Lego Animations is PicPac, however, that is not necessary and is more so personal preference than anything.


PicPac is a great free app for Android where you can easily create stop-motion animations from pictures you have already taken. The app also comes with its own camera to create a stop-motion animation right off the bat. PicPac has two versions, the Pro Version and Free Version. With the Free Version, you can quickly generate your own videos, record your own audio, and add music! The Pro Version allows you to upload in higher quality.

Step 2

Bring out a Lego base plate to do your animation on. The base plate is not necessary, but it helps when working with legos by keeping the legos in place and still.

Step 3

Get a bright light source to illuminate your studio and working area. The bright light helps the video look better by providing a clearer image while also helping you work on the video itself.

Step 4

I would recommend getting a stand or something small to help hold your camera in a steady position so that the pictures are exact and straight and don’t differentiate from each other. You also need to make sure that the stand doesn’t block the phone camera. I would also recommend setting the app on a timer to take a picture every 2 minutes or so which allows you enough time to change the scene. This is because personally when try to take a picture by tapping the phone I end up moving the stand slightly which changes how the picture will look from the ones before hand.

Step 5

Brainstorm what you want your Lego animation to be about. It’s themes, message, and plot are good starting points to begin thinking. For example, let’s say it Easter, and you want to create an Easter theme animation. A good place to start would be to think what do you do on Easter. For me, my family usually does Easter egg hunts. So maybe I would do an Easter egg hunting animation.

Step 6

After figuring out what you are planning on doing, take out your Legos that you are going to use and set up their starting position. I like to use mini figures to convey the story as I feel its easier to do so.

At this point, you should have a layout that looks a bit like this,

Step 7

Open up Pic Pac and take pictures after moving each lego piece. Remember to move the legos slightly so that the animation flows better.

Step 8

Maybe you messed up a picture? No worries, after taking all your pictures you can choose the images you want to use in case any of them were faulty. So instead of starting over just take the picture again!

Step 9

Edit the video however you would like. You can add your own audio as a voice over, or you can add music from your phone or online.

Step 10

After you have finished editing remember to convert the video to a mp4 or gif file. Remember, if you added music or audio you would want to convert it to a mp4 file since the gif file will take out the sound and leave it as a video.

Step 11

Tada! You just created your own Lego Animation. Now you can share it a multitude of ways with your friends and family, or you can upload it directly to YouTube

As you can see, creating your own Lego Animation seems like a daunting task but if you put your mind to and brainstorm of what you want to do before hand it becomes an easy, casual, calming task.

Mosquito Bot


Hello my name is Joseph and I am a ten year old teacher at Tech 101 Kids.

Today I will be showing you how to make a mosquito bot.

What You Will Need

Recycled supplies:

  • 1 x coat hanger
  • 1 x medium sized bottle cap
  • a motor taken from a play station remote anything that vibrates, like cell phones (you could also buy vibration motors instead like these.

Supplies we got from Amazon




  1. With the scissors, and cut out two six-inch sticks from the coat hanger.
  2. Bend the coat hanger sticks into U shapes.
  3. Now hot glue the hangar sticks onto the cap so it stands on its own.
  4. as we did in a earlier project take apart a play station remote (or anything that vibrates) and look for the vibrating motor. Hot glue this to the top of the cap
  5. Attach a small on/off switch in between the positive cable and the battery to control the robot. Twist the metal ends of cables of the motor together with the cables from the battery snap, red cable is positive and black cable is negative. Then cover the twisted wires with electrical tape.
  6. Attach the battery clip to the battery and hot glue or tape the batter to the cap and you’re done.

–Instructions on attaching LED lights coming soon–


Joseph’s Robotic Hand


Hello again, this is Joseph, the 10 year old teacher at Tech 101 Kids.  I am going to show you how to make an easy homemade robotic hand using straws and strings.

What You’ll Need

robot-hand-2These are the supplies needed to make the straw hand

  • five straws
  • string
  • sharpie
  • scotch tape




robot-hand-31) Tape four straws together with scotch tape.




robot-hand-42) The fifth straw is taped on the opposite side of where the thumb is.







robot-hand-53) With the Sharpie mark each of lines in your hand.







robot-hand-64) Cut a diamond on the lines by bending it forward.








5) Do it for all of fingers.








robot-hand-86) When its all done,  take one string  and pass it from one end to the other of the straw.  Do it in each straw.








7) Make a small cut on the top of the straw. Make a knot on the string,  secure it in the cut with a piece of tape.







robot-hand-108) Do it with all and you get this.





robot-hand-119) Then if you pull the strings, the hand will close its fingers..







robot-hand-1210) You can even lift it paper balls with your new robotic hand  and it won’t fall (possibly).








Well, I hope you enjoyed doing this robotic hand to impress your friends.  Visit more of my posts to learn more cool projects to do.

Bristle Bot – Bumper Car Brush Robot


Hi my name is Joseph Pinos, I am ten years old and I am a teacher at Tech 101 Kids and today I am talking about how I made my Bristle bots.

What You’ll Need


Recycled supplies:

  • A scrubbing brush
  • a motor taken from a play station remote or anything that vibrates, like cell phones (you could also buy vibration motors instead like these.

Supplies we got from Amazon:



  1. I got a play station remote, took the screws out with a small screw driver and took the motor from the right (the one that looks like it’s in half)
  2. I twisted the metal ends of cables of the motor together with the cables from the battery snap, red cable is positive and black cable is negative. Then I covered the twisted wires with electrical tape (I attached a small on/off switch in between the positive cable and the battery to control the robot)
  3. Using hot glue, I glued the battery on one side of the brush and the motor at the other end
  4.  Ready for some fun!!!