Rubik’s Cube Competition in Costa Rica!

During our trip to Costa Rica, we made a visit to a Rubik’s Cube competition that the local library was holding. Not only was it very big but it also was very intricate. They had many different sections of the competition. For, example the competition was not only for 3×3, but there was also, 4×4, 5×5, mega mix, and pyramid cube. There was also a beginner’s contest and an expert contest for each one of those cubes.

Here are some of the photos taken from the event, to see the full album click here

Business Kids Costa Rica

Before Tech 101 Kids left for Costa Rica we came into contact with the owner of Business Kids Costa Rica and he invited us to present at his business location. So on Wednesday, July 26th, Tech 101 Kids made a visit to Business Kids Costa Rica. Here is where they teach the kids many different things related to business, economics, the job market, stocks and how to be an entrepreneur by starting your own business. They have two different meetings each week. One for the kids and one for the teenagers. The one we went to was the kid’s meet up on a Wednesday. The other meet up consisting of teenagers takes place every Saturday. We decided to make a visit and explain what Tech 101 Kids is and how we started. We then asked the kids what they think and if they have their own businesses. To our surprise, almost all the kids have their own business. The kids told us of their own businesses which consisted of things like selling homemade cookies and school and selling origami door to door and other items. We thought it was great that the kids were being taught very important life lessons early on. This will help them get a lead in life in experience and help them with their later businesses. The kids are fascinated with virtual reality and so in preparation we brought the HoloTats with us and let the kids try them on. Seeing the augmented reality part only peaked their curiosity and ambition even more. If you would like to buy some HoloTats click the link here! After our presentation, we were invited to play a modified version of the popular game “Who Am I?” Only this time with Jobs and Businesses. Each person was given a card to put on their forehead. You were not allowed to look at your card at all but you can look at other people’s cards. Then when it was your turn you would have to ask a question which you think is related to your job such as, “Is my job related to clothes?” The people around you would then look at your card to see if you were correct or not. If you were then you know that your job has something to do with clothes. If not then you know that your job has nothing to do with clothes. The game would continue going until everyone guessed their correct job. I found this as a great way to expose and introduce different job opportunities and job options to the kids.

These are some the pictures taken of the kids and their HoloTats

Tenafly Stem Night

Hello, it is me, Brandon and recently Tech 101 Kids had participated at a Stem Night at Tenafly. The event took place in a gym but also had extended into separate areas such as other classrooms and hallways. The volunteers were kids from the middle school. They were very helpful with setting up all the exhibits and providing us with what we needed. There were many exhibitions including ourselves that you could explore. For example, you could go racing with your friends using a power jack, walk on cartons of eggs without them breaking, or equip a 3D printed hand that would function with the flick of the wrist belonging to the Enable Community Foundation.


One of the exhibits that struck out to most people was the R2-D2 whirling around the gym. But as everyone knows R2-D2 is a wanted droid and before we knew it the Empire arrived. They marched in with their imperial officers at the head and the stormtroopers trailing behind. Immediately apprehending the droid they sought to return back to Darth Vader. However, they noticed the wide variety of exhibitions and decided to participate in many. They all belonged to the 501st Street Legion Club.

There were many other activities that were happening in other rooms and the hallways as well. If you were hungry you could go and grab a snack from the wide variety of food. There were kids sparring in the hallway using the Nintendo switch. In one room people were using the Oculus Rift and immersing themselves into a virtual reality. If there were too many people using the Rift can you could go to the room next to it and use the Vive. The Vive is just like the Rift but uses controllers as well. If you simply wanted to participate in teamwork activities you could head to the room filled with people in teams working on different projects.


In my opinion, I  would have to say that the stormtroopers and the walking on eggs were the best part. The stormtroopers walked around doing whatever they pleased. They traveled as a group of 3 consisting of a regular stormtrooper, a scout trooper, and a desert trooper.

As for the egg walking, I had partaken in the event. How it worked was that there were 6 cartons of eggs laid out, one for each foot. You would put one foot on the carton of eggs and try to spread out your weight as much as you can. You would then repeat with the other foot. Then you had to walk across all 6 cartons of eggs. I was very nervous that they would break since how could eggs hold up a person. None of the eggs so much as cracked. This is because each egg can hold up to 3.75 pounds on their weakest part. One object that has to constantly put pressure on these eggs would be the mother hens. The hen has to sit on the eggs to keep them warm so they have to be able to withstand pressure. But if you’ve ever tried to crack an egg, you would notice that it’s fairly easy. This is because the little chicks need a way to get out, which is done by repeatedly hitting one spot with their pecks. With all the pressure focused on one point, it cracks. The organization hosting this activity was Stem New Jersey.

Impressively almost all of the kids there knew how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. The school was jammed pack and I hope that I would be able to meet the StormTroopers again there next year.


Augmented Reality Business Card!

Recently I have been working on improving our business card. I realized that I could add as many colors and pictures as I wanted but what could make it stick out from the other business cards? What better way to do that than by incorporating today’s technology into it!

I turned our business card into an interactive augmented reality business card. With it, I added as many details and features while keeping it simple and easy to use. Some of the features it currently has are

  • A direct link to our
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Youtube
    • Pinterest
  • A photo album of Happy the Tech Pug!
  • A self-composed email link if you have any questions
  • A link to our website
  • A schedule of all our events
    • Clicking on one will automatically add it to your calendar so you can keep up with all our events!
  • A preview of our new Engineering Club

In order to see our new augmented reality business card, all you need to do are 3 simple steps.

  1. Download Zappar from the App Store or the Google Play Store
  2. Scan this code when first launching up the app
  3. Scan the business card we have posted above.

And that’s it!

What you will be able to see is a business card with buttons all over!

Be sure to experiment and don’t be afraid to give us feedback.

Remember to press the little heart icon in the top right if you don’t want to keep coming back here and rescanning the code.

The best part is that when we update it, you won’t have to rescan. It will automatically update by itself!

Here is a photo of what it will look like

And here is a video of the card in action.

Super Science Saturday 2017

On March 4, Tech 101 Kids packed our bags and headed off to the 29th Annual Super Science Saturday. Super Science Saturday is an annual event held in Ridgewood that promotes STEM activities and where you can go to present what you’ve been working on to crowds of people. The welcoming staff immediately welcomed us and showed us where we could setup. We had a lovely area visible from the entrance that was in the hallway that led to the cafeteria, so we were able to capture the attention of people going to and from the cafeteria. The Goldilocks spot is what we like to call it.

After we finished unpacking we had all the fan favorites laid out. We had Bryan in charge of the Makey Makey piano and along with the old classic, the Makey Makey Flabby Physics game. Joseph was showing off all his inventions and also everything from the Rubik’s cubes to the Meccanoid. I was in charge of the Mindstorms which included the classic MindCub3r along with a new one that we had built beforehand, KRAZ3. Along with all these, we also had a newcomer to join our ranks, the HoloTats. The HoloTats are tattoos of anything from a shark to a butterfly that looks like a traditional tattoo until you look at them through the HoloTats app on your phone. Suddenly that shark on your arm becomes alive and can move around freely. The HoloTats made for an amazing addition and with it, we were able to show everyone the breathtaking future of augmented reality.

We had a lot of fun at the high school presenting and showing everyone what you can make with something as simple as parts of an old playstation remote. At times we had amassed crowds so large that it was almost impossible to move. Our favorite part about going to events like this is no doubt being able to share our inventions with other people and meeting other individuals who share the same passions. We Tech101Kids enjoyed the experience immensely being able to attend such an event.

If you want to attend the 30th Annual Super Science Saturday maker sure to contact them at this link here. Maybe you want to go but don’t know what you want to make or present? Be sure to check out this link which has tons of different ideas on what to do for students, teachers, and parents! If you want to go volunteer and help out with everyone, then be sure to go to this link. And finally, if you just want to go check it out but don’t know how to get there? This link will bring you to directions on how to bring you there.

Our Top 5 Recommended Free VR Apps.

There are many VR apps and here is our top 5 recommended list.


Google Cardboard

Although it is the default app, Google Cardboard will help you understand the basics of VR and some gives you a glimpse into the mass amount of things you can do in VR

Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera is the DIY app if you want to take 360° pictures. It will take some getting used to since you will need to have a clear environment if you want the best picture possible. It’s procedure to take a picture is very simple and is explained in the app itself. Let’s say you’re going to Niagara Falls for vacation and don’t want to forget the amazing scenery. This app is perfect for that as it can capture 360° pictures capturing everything so you can view it later.


Maybe you’re a teacher and looking for something educational that you can combine with VR to interest and capture the attention of your students? Then Expeditions is for you. As the name promotes itself this app comes with over 200 expeditions that you can go through with your kids. You can set yourself up as the guide and connect to your students’ devices through wifi. Alternatively, if you have already downloaded the expeditions onto your phone, there is no need for wifi. When you set yourself up as the guide you can guide your students through a world of diversity, from Coral Reefs to the No Man’s Land of World War I this app is great for teachers and kids alike.

Fulldive VR

Everyone is a bit lazy from time to time and maybe you’re in the mood for a nice VR video or maybe you want to look at the 7 Wonders of the World in VR. Then Fulldive VR should be your go-to app. Fulldive VR compiles everything from VR videos to VR pictures and even over 500 VR games. If you find a video you like, you can favorite and share it with your friends so that you won’t have to search through youtube to find the same video. Fulldive VR even comes with a built-in camera so that you can make your own VR pictures. Fulldive VR is no doubt the all in one VR app.

Titans of Space

Fun Fact, Space is so unbelievably enormous that our minds can’t comprehend exactly how big it is. Well at least we know a lot about our solar system and you can too with the Titans of Space app. Titans of Space brings you around the solar system to learn many different facts about each different planet. You can compare the sizes of each planet along with pages and pages of interesting information. It comes with a dynamic soundtrack to match your experience and further your immersion into this vast universe. This is great for people who are big into astronomy or maybe just want to learn more about the solar system we live in.

Barnes and Nobles

On November 5th and 6th of 2016, Tech101Kids tested our robots, packed our bags, and headed off to the Barnes and Nobles of both Woodland Park and Paramus. Woodland Park on Saturday and Paramus on Sunday. We arrived promptly and were greeted by generous staff and a nice large space to work with. We finished setting up and we were already getting visitors. We could tell by the amount of visitors we had already received that today was going to be a busy day. We showcased many of our fan-favorites such as Jerry the talking plant, the banana piano, and our collection of Rubik’s cubes. We also had a newcomer that we had been working on beforehand. SNM (Spinning Notecard Machine) proved to be a fun and popular attraction and we will definitely be bringing it to more events. We got tons of great visitors and we hope we get invited back again next year.

20161105_110229 20161105_114411 20161105_115314

20161106_112411 20161106_122908 20161106_130451

Makey Makey / Squishy Circuits Maze Instructions

What does building a maze and solving it have to do with engineering, you may ask. Real-life robots have to travel through mazes and structures dangerous for humans all the time, like ocean depths, volcanoes, factories, war zones, and even other planets like the Mars Rover on Mars.


In this activity you’ll will be creating an interactive tabletop maze using your imagination, some conductive materials, and the Makey Makey.

What You’ll Need:

1 x Makey Makey

Makey Makey – An Invention Kit for Everyone

Turn everyday objects like bananas into touchpads!
Connect the world around you to your computer! Setup takes just seconds.
Just plug, clip, and play! No programing knowledge needed.

Additional images:

Product Thumbnail

Price: $49.75

Buy Now

1 x Squishy Circuits (or play-doh)

Squishy Circuits Kit

Based upon the University of St. Thomas' Squishy Circuits Program (
Learn the basics of electrical circuits hands-on with homemade play dough (recipe card included)
Everything you need to create Squishy Circuits that spin, buzz, and light up!

Price: $25.00

Buy Now

1 x Carboard or other surface to lay your maze on.

A computer with internet access (for Scratch)


    1. Create a drawing for the layout of the maze and its basic features
    2. Try creating your maze with the play-doh and begin playing with the magnets by placing one on top of the table and control it with one underneath. Try to see if you can get an LED to light up when you hit the wall of your maze.
    3. Break up into groups or work as a team and use Scratch to build a timer. Never used Scratch? Check out MIT’s how-to if you want to tinker around and make your own scoreboard.
    4. Think of how you want to make your maze: Will you collect items, race the clock, or defeat some sort of enemy? To test use our “Simple Maze Game” sketch, read the project controls, and test them on the keyboard.
    5. Attach the Makey Makey aligator clips to the proper connections(down arrow to your play-doh maze, up arrow to any time power-ups) and connect the magnetic player to Earth!(for this part of the tinkering you no longer need the battery)



Here are some photos from our recent club meeting and the creative mazes our students built








Adventures at MIT – Tech 101 Kids visits MIT

During the weekend of October 24-25, we visited our brother Erick at MIT -where he is a junior- for the Family Weekend hosted by the MIT Parents Association.  It is always great to see him and to explore so many wonderful places at MIT.



During my trip to MIT, I had a great time. From New Jersey, it took  us about 4 hours road trip but it was worth it. Promptly after we arrived in Boston, we went to pick up Erick to start our busy day. First, we had breakfast in a restaurant named Veggie Galaxy in  Cambridge, then,  we went to the family fair that took place in the 2nd floor of the Student Center. After this, we wDSCN5240ent to explore the famous underground tunnels of MIT which connects nearly every building on campus. The next day, we went to the amazing Museum of Science in Boston and later we went back to MIT to visit some shops, labs, schools and libraries at MIT to finish with a delicious dinner at the Buffet in one of the dorms.  I had a great time with my brothers and I got sad when I realized that the trip was over. -Brandon Pinos




This picture is a picture of me, my brothers, my parents, and MIT mascot TIM the beaver during the family fair.  A little bit of backstory here, the reason why a beaver is MIT’s mascot is because beavers are nature’s engineers.






This is a photo of a T-Rex. It´s a huge replica of what the T-Rex looked like, located at the Museum of Science at Boston. This is just one of the many amazing exhibits that the Museum of Science has to offer. As in the Electric Theater, the Pixar Exhibit, some Animal Exhibits, a Planetarium, and much more. –Brandon Pinos




On our trip to MIT we saw so many fun things.   We visited the Hobby Shop in which students do woodwork, the Glass lab, and the Media Lab.  This  life size  Scratch Cat is built completely out of Legos, and it is located at the entrance of the Lifelong Kinderganten Lab where Lego Mindstorm, Scratch, Makey Makey, and Little Bits got invented.



One of my DSCN5224favorite parts of the trip is when we went to the Museum of Science in Boston.  I got a look at behind the scenes of Pixar. We got to see how important the lighting and animation are. I learned the stages of the animation from black and white drawings to the actual movie. It’s very interesting to see all of the exhibits and how important they are to the film. You should try and go there someday it will be fun. This trip was really fun I want to go again. –Joseph Pinos




The Electric Theater

This is a picture of the two story high generators surrounded by Tesla coils shooting out electricity. During our trip to the Museum of Science we visited the theater of electricity.


Along with this amazing view came an amazing show where they shocked some minds by making lightning and even play music with electricity! They taught us about electricity safety and fun. If you’re a person who is interested in how electricity works, or someone who even just wants to see and experience something new and cool, then you should definitely head over to the Electricity Theater.




At MIT, we saw some of the famous hacks, and we played with this Digi-Comp II, a big wooden contraption located in the  Stata Center (a very funny looking building).  You can learn more about it here  

There is always something interesting to see at MIT!
Bryan Pinos





Look at our Facebook photo album to see more interesting places and things we saw at MIT!

Tech 101 Kids visits MIT Photo Album
Museum of Science, Boston Photo Album

Hawthorne Day

On Saturday September 26 we packed up our stuff and went to Hawthorne Day . We had been working on new projects from was far back as July for this day. Some of our new projects included the bow and some new robots. We had arrived at around 12 pm hoping to set up before many people came. We found our table which was positioned next to the Rotary’s Club’s table. In no time at all we had the Makey Makey piano, the Makey Makey Bow, the Rubik cubes, and the robots are all set and ready to go. At around 1 pm was when traffic really started to pick up. We saw people come and go and the majority of them seemed very interested in our projects.  At around 3 pm was when we reached our peak of traffic because a lot of people who came to visit before came back with some of their fiends. We had decided to pack up at 4 pm because the concert right next to us had just started and we knew that we would get very few people during that. I had a blast and im sure my brothers did too. I can’t wait to go back next year034029032