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During the weekend of October 24-25, we visited our brother Erick at MIT -where he is a junior- for the Family Weekend hosted by the MIT Parents Association.  It is always great to see him and to explore so many wonderful places at MIT.



During my trip to MIT, I had a great time. From New Jersey, it took  us about 4 hours road trip but it was worth it. Promptly after we arrived in Boston, we went to pick up Erick to start our busy day. First, we had breakfast in a restaurant named Veggie Galaxy in  Cambridge, then,  we went to the family fair that took place in the 2nd floor of the Student Center. After this, we wDSCN5240ent to explore the famous underground tunnels of MIT which connects nearly every building on campus. The next day, we went to the amazing Museum of Science in Boston and later we went back to MIT to visit some shops, labs, schools and libraries at MIT to finish with a delicious dinner at the Buffet in one of the dorms.  I had a great time with my brothers and I got sad when I realized that the trip was over. -Brandon Pinos




This picture is a picture of me, my brothers, my parents, and MIT mascot TIM the beaver during the family fair.  A little bit of backstory here, the reason why a beaver is MIT’s mascot is because beavers are nature’s engineers.






This is a photo of a T-Rex. It´s a huge replica of what the T-Rex looked like, located at the Museum of Science at Boston. This is just one of the many amazing exhibits that the Museum of Science has to offer. As in the Electric Theater, the Pixar Exhibit, some Animal Exhibits, a Planetarium, and much more. –Brandon Pinos




On our trip to MIT we saw so many fun things.   We visited the Hobby Shop in which students do woodwork, the Glass lab, and the Media Lab.  This  life size  Scratch Cat is built completely out of Legos, and it is located at the entrance of the Lifelong Kinderganten Lab where Lego Mindstorm, Scratch, Makey Makey, and Little Bits got invented.



One of my DSCN5224favorite parts of the trip is when we went to the Museum of Science in Boston.  I got a look at behind the scenes of Pixar. We got to see how important the lighting and animation are. I learned the stages of the animation from black and white drawings to the actual movie. It’s very interesting to see all of the exhibits and how important they are to the film. You should try and go there someday it will be fun. This trip was really fun I want to go again. –Joseph Pinos




The Electric Theater

This is a picture of the two story high generators surrounded by Tesla coils shooting out electricity. During our trip to the Museum of Science we visited the theater of electricity.


Along with this amazing view came an amazing show where they shocked some minds by making lightning and even play music with electricity! They taught us about electricity safety and fun. If you’re a person who is interested in how electricity works, or someone who even just wants to see and experience something new and cool, then you should definitely head over to the Electricity Theater.




At MIT, we saw some of the famous hacks, and we played with this Digi-Comp II, a big wooden contraption located in the  Stata Center (a very funny looking building).  You can learn more about it here  

There is always something interesting to see at MIT!
Bryan Pinos





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