To inspire kids to stop passively using technology and start actively creating it.


Welcome to Tech 101 Kids!

Do you want your child to think like an engineer? To solve problems like an MIT engineer? When we teach kids science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), it’s not so that they’ll grow up to be software developers or to build bridges. We teach kids STEM to teach them to redefine the world around them. As we like to say, “Don’t just think outside the box. Cut apart the box and build a spaceship!” We are an educational outreach and enrichment program for all kids who want to learn to think like an engineer. We’ve done a summer camp in 2013, 2014, and now 2015, each with a different theme. We’ve also taught classes at MIT campus to middle schoolers as part of Spark 2015. We hope you’ll follow our journey by following us on Facebook!


erick-pinosErick Pinos, MIT Student & Founder

Erick founded Tech 101 Kids with the purpose to inspire kids of all ages to believe that they have what it takes to get into technology and to succeed.



hazel-pinosHazel Pinos, MIT Mom & Lead Visionary

Hazel, mother of four amazing boys, has been with the project since it started and has always has the best ideas for how to move Tech 101 Kids to the next level.



Bryan Pinos, High Schooler, Blogger, Teacher

Bryan’s going to solve the energy crisis. Why? Because, when most people would have given up, Bryan will continue working on a problem with stoic patience until he’s solved it. His favorite demo is the fuel cell toy car and he’s interested in studying sustainable nuclear energy and materials science.



Brandon Pinos, High Schooler, Blogger, Teacher

As a Co-founder of Tech 101 Kids, I have been involved in many events and makers fairs around the east coast. I teach about our inventions and the importance of technology in our future and how it will affect each of us personally. After participating in these events, i return home and write a blog about it. Outside of Tech 101 Kids I’m just like any other regular kid. I love soccer and have played it since I was a kid. I built my gaming computer to play high-end video games, but with my own twist. After playing the game, I regularly hack my games and change the code to mod the games and make my own characters, rules, and worlds.



Joseph Pinos, Middle Schooler, 12 year old Blogger, Teacher

At twelve years old, Joseph is already a blogger extraordinaire. He publishes posts on Tech 101 Kids regularly and shows you that kids can not only build technology, but they can TEACH it.