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  • Hudson Montessori Maker Faire

    Hudson Montessori Maker Faire

      On January 20th, Saturday morning, Tech 101 Kids attended the very first Hudson Montessori Maker Faire, wowing kids and adults alike with our stunning creations. Even though it was their first faire the quality of it could not have been better. The staff were incredibly helpful and inviting. Not to mention we got an amazing spot […]

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  • 2017 Annual New York Makers Faire

    On September 23 and 24 we embarked on our way to our biggest faire yet, The 2017 Annual New York Makers Faire. We were lucky enough to have an amazing spot right by the entrance and close to all the big companies. Everywhere you looked there was something to see, from a giant fire-breathing dragon to drones hovering […]

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  • Our Trip to Costa Rica

    Our Trip to Costa Rica

    On our trip to Costa Rica, we met many extraordinary people and saw many extraordinary places. If you want a summary of what we did just scroll down and check out what you missed! Buisness Kids Costa Rica Before Tech 101 Kids left for Costa Rica we came into contact with the owner of Business […]

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  • Our Visit to the Omar Dengo Foundation

      During our trip in Costa Rica, Tech 101 Kids paid a visit to the renowned Omar Dengo Foundation. The Omar Dengo Foundation is an amazing organization stationed in many countries in Latin and South America. They offer many different classes and courses covering many different fields and subjects such as Science, Digital Citizenship, Inclusive […]

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